Zena Jacobson

I am a trained Clinical Psychologist with 25 years practical experience. I am also a Metaphysical Healer and Spiritual Life Coach.

When people are struggling with strong emotions or feeling stuck and unable to move forward with their lives, I help them to see how they got tangled up in their stories/the stories of their life, and in the uncomfortable emotions that result when they are challenged by what life has dealt them.

Because of my ability to hold this uncomfortable space with them, and to see the bigger picture, I provide the safe space that is needed to unravel the confusion and see what is blocking the flow, so that they can move forward on their journey. I see and feel tangibly what my clients tell me and am able to feed this back to them in a digestible way. This enables them to work with the problem, find a solution that works for them and frees them up so that they can fly.

I help my clients to become more conscious using talk therapy, body awareness, breathing, mindfulness and being more of a witness to their own process. Looking at problems through a different lens, or from a different perspective, helps to clarify and point the way forward, to feel less fearful and become more connected to ourselves and the world around us.

The mind-body-spirit connection is central to how I understand the human experience and is key to the transformative and re-generative way that I practice.


My own journey started when, at the age of three, I saw my beloved grandmother’s spirit leaving her body as she died.

My family did not believe me when I told them. This event was significant in two ways. Firstly, it was symbolic of the intense loneliness I experienced after her death because she was the only one who gave me unconditional love during my childhood. Secondly, as the rest of my family studiously avoided any form of spiritual awareness, this sense of loneliness was intensified to the point where I defended myself by shutting down my emotions and avoiding being fully present in my body. This created the central challenge of my life: to find the courage to express my innermost essence and truth in a reality that seemed dangerous and threatening from a very young age. These experiences challenged me to work very deeply on myself in order to survive and to overcome my early traumas. They have developed in me a deep sense of understanding and compassion for all forms of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual suffering.